Root Canal Therapy


Root canals are treated onsite at Pima Dental by a board-certified endodontist.


Root Canals

Root canals are performed when the pulp in the center of the tooth is infected (diseased) or damaged.  root canal therapy is used to save the tooth by removing the nerve and blood vessels.  A root canal may also be required if the tooth is cracked or traumatized such that it affects the nerve inside the tooth.  Root canals are done to save a tooth whenever possible.

Root canals are non-surgical treatment to remove the infected pulp.  The root canal system is thoroughly cleaned and sealed and a temporary filling is placed in the tooth.

Root canals are over 90% successful in saving the tooth.

Your tooth will need restoration after the root canal is complete by our endodontist.  This provides our patients the opportunity to have their root canal done in the office where they are comfortable without having to go to another provider.  Seeing our root canal specialist will also minimize the use of x-rays as your digital x-rays are already on file with our office.

Why a Root Canal?

Our dentists will recommend root canal treatment as a preferred option to treat an infected or decayed tooth.  There is nothing better than keeping your natural teeth whenever possible.  Should the tooth not have root canal treatment and is subsequently lost or extracted, it will need to be replaced with an implant or with a bridge.  When necessary, we place implants right here in the office.  You will in most cases not have to be referred out to another office.